Providers (2020)

PPE Availability and Resources 12.1.20

DWIHN Residential Temporary COVID-19 Quarantine Referral Guidelines & Process Flow 10082020 (11-23-20)

Reopening Case Management Under COVID 11.12.20

Relaxing Face-to-Face Requirements 11.4.20

Emergency MIOSHA Rules 10.14.20

COVID-19 Responses: Vaccine Services Updates 10.14.20

COVID-19 Emergency Response Medicaid Fact Sheet 10.8.20

FINAL Payout: 2hr.DCW COVID-19 Premium Pay 8.20.20

Continued Clarification of the Premium Pay Increase for July – September 7.29.20

CLARIFICATION 2hr. DCW COVID-19 Pay 7.29.2020

July-September $2.00 DCW Instructions 7.28.20

DWIHN CRSP Memo - SUG Webinars 7.24.20

DCW Payout & Calculation 7.24.20

July-September Premium Pay Place of Service Clarification 7.23.20

A Phased Approach to Resuming Standard Operations 7.22.20

Update on Direct Care Worker $2.00/hr pay 7.21.20

COVID Supply and Person Protection Equipment Update 6.3.20

FAQS: $2/hr. Direct Care Worker COVID-19 Premium Pay 6.3.20

$2.00/hr. DCW COVID-19 Premium Pay 5.28.20

Additional Guidance on Premium Pay Increase 5.22.20

Premium Pay Increase for Direct Care Workers 5.18.20

Guidelines for Shared or Congregate Housing 5.5.20

EO 2020-72 Temporary Restrictions on Health Care Facilities 5.5.20

Direct Care Staff Wage Increase 4.27.20

MDHHS Implement and Support Executive Order 2020-50 4.21.20

Emergency Response Medicaid Fact Sheet 4.21.20.pdf

MDHHS Essential Workers Test Criteria Expansion 4.21.20

COVID Testing Capacity Letter 4.21.20

NxGen COVID-19 Test Onboarding Form 4.21.20

Telehealth Service in Infant Mental Health Home Visiting 4.20.20

PPE Distribution Notice 4.15.20

COVID-19 Provider Update: Online Operations Extension 4.10.20

SUD Providers OTP Essential Services Dosing Guide 20-05

SUD Providers OTP Infection Control 20-06

DHS Clarification on Rounding Rules for Behavioral Health Services 4.7.20

DWIHN COVID-19 Crisis Provisions Notice 4.7.20

MDHHS Guidance on Optimizing Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) During Crisis Capacity 04.01.20

Autism Provider Update 3.31.20

BH Specialized AFC & SUD Residential Providers Notice 3.30.20

SUD Recovery Housing and Support Services 3.28.20

Provider Funding and Stimulus Package

COVID-19 Alert Instructions 3.27.20

Training and Technical Assistance 3.25.20

Provider Payments and Financial Plan 3.23.20

Interim HCP Guidance 03.21.2020

HCW Guidance 3.23.20

DWMHA Coding Manual Bulletin 20-002: Use of GT for Telemedicine COVID-19 3.23.20

All Outpatient & Residential Providers - A note from MDHHS 3.20.20

CRSP: Readiness Survey Memo 3.20.20

CRSP: Provider Services Census 3.20.20

COVID-19 Provider Update from Mr. Brooks 3.20.20

COVID Provider Letter Telehealth Essentials 3.19.20

COVID Telepractice Code Chart Memo 3.19.20

Covid-19 Encounter Code Chart

MSA 20-12 Face-to-Face

ORR Emergency Plan of Action 3.19.20

Coronavirus DWIHN Online Operations Update 3.13.20

Coronavirus DWIHN Precautions Notification 3.11.20