SUD Oversight Policy Board

The SUD Oversight Policy Board meeting scheduled July 26th has been cancelled.

A joint meeting will be held: SUD Oversight Policy Board & Full Board (Virtual) Meeting: July 15, 2020  / 1pm

DWIHN SUD Oversight Policy Board Meetings

Note: Dates and/or times may change. Due to COVID-19, all meetings are currently being held virtually.

2020 Meeting
      Board Meeting Documents   


MEMBERS: Angelo Glenn (Chair), Chief William T. Riley III,  Dr. Cynthia L. Arfken, James Perry, Jewel Ware, Kevin McNamara, Margo L. Martin, Monique Stanton, Thomas J. Adams, Tom Fielder, William Ventola 
SCHEDULE: 3rd Monday of each month at 10:00 am in the 2nd Floor conference room 

NOTE: Per the SUD Policy and By-Laws, the SUD Board meets at a minimum of 6 times per year. 
SUD Policy/By-Law Committee (Meet as Required)
MEMBERS: Monique Stanton (Chair), Chief William T. Riley III, Thomas J. Adams, William Ventola