CEO Corner

Meet Eric Doeh, Interim CEO and President

The Detroit Wayne Integrated Health Network’s Board of Directors has named Eric Doeh as Interim CEO, most recently serving as Deputy CEO/Chief Operating Officer. He will oversee all day-to-day operations of the organization in conjunction with his Executive Leadership team. Doeh has been an integral part of DWIHN since he joined four years ago and will continue to lead the company in its mission of providing exemplary integrated behavioral health services and supports to 75,000 people in Wayne County. He will also oversee DWIHN’s new Community Crisis Center scheduled to break ground later this year as well as continue working closely with the Detroit Police Department and the city of Detroit Housing Department on the implementation of its behavioral health co-pilot project.

Eric joined DWIHN in June 2017 as Chief Network Officer and Compliance  Officer and was responsible for  maintaining corporate integrity. In his new  role, he will represent the Board of Directors in dealing with corporate  responsibilities, including quality improvements, human resources issues  and employee disciplinary actions. He  maintains staff integrity to ensure  that projects are completed and goals are achieved.
Mr. Doeh was an instrumental force in driving our System Transformation plan to successful outcomes for the people  we serve; and remains committed to work with Federal and State governments to ensure that healthcare dollars are
spent efficiently, accurately and responsibly.
He served as Deputy Chief Assistant for the United States Attorney’s Office; as Assistant Prosecuting Attorney for the Wayne County Prosecutor’s Office; and as Assistant Attorney General in the D.C. Office of the Attorney General. Eric studied Political Science and English at the University of Michigan and receiving his Juris Doctorate from Cleveland-Marshall College of Law. He has served as an Adjunct Professor at the University of Detroit School of Law, a Lecturer and Presenter at the University of Michigan Law School, Wayne State College of Law, and Law Enforcement Agencies in Michigan. He is also a member of the Michigan Bar Association, the State Bar of Michigan Character and Fitness Committee, National Bar Association and Wolverine Bar Association.

DWIHN Guiding Principles

Consumer & Community Focused; Data-Driven; Evidence-Based
  • We exist to serve and support individuals with mental illness, developmental disabilities and substance use disorders. Everything we do should be towards that end. We must always ask ourselves: "How does this action help people who are mentally ill, developmentally disabled or have substances use disorders?
  • Providers are our partners. There will be open communication, mutual respect and accountability between us.
  • Communication amongst our board, staff and providers should always be open, direct, respectful and timely with no surprises.
  • Integrity and honesty is key. Don’t do it if you would not want your mother to read about it in the newspaper or see your face on the news.
  • We are a data driven organization. We must strive to be the “Sgt Friday” of behavioral health organizations providing “just the facts”.
  • We will strive to follow best practices in all we do.
  • Service is our mission. While we are a data driven organization, the data is always to be used to support the people we serve.  We will never lose sight that behind the data is someone’s mother, father, sister or brother…real people with real needs.
  • Team work. Together, we are better!
  • Our decision-making process must be open, transparent and in accordance with the law. We will strive to appropriately engage internal and external stakeholders in all we do. There is a time for participation, input, feedback, discussion and debate – but not as a delay tactic for making decisions and producing results.
  • Fiscal Integrity.  If it was your money (it is our tax dollars after all) would you spend it this way?
  • Quality not politics will guide our actions.
  • We will strive to be the best in all we do. We need to constantly ask ourselves: “Are we providing the level of care and support we would want for our own families?”
  • We must hold ourselves and others accountable and responsible for our actions. We are individuals, but one "Network," striving to do our best to serve and support the consumers residing in Detroit/Wayne County, Michigan.
  • Process is important as an efficient and effective pathway to results. We must constantly seek to be better for the sake of our consumers.
  • We will lead change that produces progress and results.
  • We will treat EVERYONE with Dignity and Respect.