Access to Services

The Access Unit ensures appropriate access to behavioral health services and crisis management. Access and Crisis Services work in collaboration with other departments to ensure access to DWIHN’s full array of services as well as the Crisis Continuum Service System. 

Access to services are for Wayne County residents who have an intellectual/developmental disability, mental illness, children with serious emotional disturbance, and/or individuals with substance use disorders.  Screening to determine how DWIHN can meet your needs can be done at a non-emergent or urgent level.
  • Non-Emergent Eligibility Screening: Completed via DWIHN’s Access Call Center which guides welcoming, triage, screening, linkage and referral processes for persons seeking access into the public behavioral health system.  The Access Call Center is also the general Information and Referral source for individuals living in Wayne County.   1-800-241-4949