2019-20 Announcements Archive

Payout-$2.00 DCW COVID-19 Premium Pay Final Sweep 12.14.20

Changes to E&M Codes and Descriptions 12.14.20

Psychological and Neuropsychological Testing - ASD Memo 12.4.20

Claims Fax Memo 12.3.20

CRSP MH Providers-BT Responsibility Info 12.1.20

PPE Availability and Resources 12.1.20

DWIHN Residential Temporary COVID-19 Quarantine Referral Guidelines & Process Flow 10082020 (11-23-20)

November 2020 Provider Payment Update 11.19.20

UM Providers: Changes to Psychological and Neuropsychological Testing 11-18-20

ACT Authorizations Memo 11.17.20

Authorization Request Memo 11.16.20

Direct Care Wage Premium Pay Information 11.4.20

H2015-T1005 Memo 11.4.20

11-3-20 Payout of DCW Increase 10.29.20

Telehealth-IPOS Signatures 10.28.20.

MDHHS Direct Care Worker Infectious Control Training Grant 10.22.20

Oct-Dec. 31st $2.00 DCW Instructions 10.19.20

DWIHN Provider Closure Requirement Letter 10.12.20

DWIHN Memo Telehealth Platform 10.12.20

Residential and Daytime Activity Provider Notice 10.1.20

$2hr DCW COVID-19 Premium Pay Instructions 9.29.20

H2015 Transition 9.28.20

UPDATE: 7% Provider Rate Reduction 8.17.20

HSW Payment Incentive Program Memo 7.22.20

CRSP Fiscal Intermediaries & Important Meetings 5.29.20

Residential Staffing Agents and Fiscal Intermediary Transition 5.29.20

Provider Rate Reductions Notification 5.18.20

Residential Services Bulletin for DWIHN Residential Providers 5.18.20

Emergent Transfer Process for Residential Providers 5.5.20

COVID-19 Alert Instructions 3.27.20

Cobblestone Contract Addendum Notice 3.26.20

Residential Provider Communication 3.19.20

Coronavirus Update: Online Operations 3.13.20

All DWIHN Provider Rate Reduction Notice 3.6.20

Delegated Credentialing Alert 3.4.20

Consumer Spend Down (Deductible) Memo 12.4.19

Notice to Discontinue - Submission of Separate Claims (New Hires) 11.15.19

CRAIN's End of 298 Pilot Programs 10.22.19

10-25-19 Payment Processing Schedule Change 10.21.19

Behavior Treatment Plan Procedures Notice to Providers 10.19.19

Clinically Responsible Service Provider (CRSP) Responsibility Letter 10.3.19

Home Help Program Notice to Residential Providers 9.17.20

Home Help Agency Invoice 9.17.20

Provider Letter re: Contracts and Cobblestone 9.6.19

Shared Living Arrangements 8.23.19

Mental Health Authority Undergoes Name Change Notice to Providers 8.21.19

Unlicensed Residential Setting - Home Help: Notice to Network 8.21.19