Self-determination (SD) is the right of all members to have the power to make decisions for themselves; to have free will. The goals of SD, on an individual basis, are to promote full inclusion in community life, to have self-worth and increase belonging while reducing the isolation and segregation of members who receive services at Detroit Wayne Integrated Health Network (DWIHN). Self-determination builds upon choice, autonomy, competence and relatedness which are building blocks of psychological wellbeing.

Self-directing services is a method for moving away from professionally managed models of supports and services. In preparation for the Person-Centered Plan (PCP), the Support Coordinator must offer this method of service delivery every year.  The Support Coordinator must use the Self-directing Services Checklist to guide members through the process to self-direct their services.  Self-directing services is the act of controlling dollars allocated from the member’s Individual Plan of Service (IPOS) to select, direct, and manage one’s services and supports.

Members who self-direct their services are able to decide how to use their fixed amount of dollars that will be spent on authorized supports and services, referred to as an “individual budget.” Self-directed arrangements allow the member the flexibility over their authorized funds which are detailed in an individual budget to meet the needs identified in their IPOS.  Members may choose who they want to hire to provide the authorized services.  Members may see DWIHN’s in-network providers or a member may use an out of network provider of their choice as long as the provider meets Medicaid requirements.  

Support Coordinators assist members who self-direct services get enrolled with a Financial Management Service Agency who will pay for services on behalf of the members.  Details and responsibilities for members, DWIHN, and providers of services are in a written agreement and are paid for through a Financial Management Service Agency. For more information regarding self-directing services, email

The methods of Self-directing services are crafted with the principles of Self-determination. 

Self-directing services is a partnership between DWIHN and the member.  Every member receiving services through DWIHN can Self-direct one specific service, some, or all services in their IPOS.