FY 2022 CMHSP Contract & Attachments

Self Directed Service Technical Requirement

FY 22 CMHSP Contract

Part I: Contractual Services Terms and Conditions

Amendment No. 2

Amendment No. 2 - Table of Contents

PASRR Agreement

Attachment A - General Fund Distribution Mode

C 1.3.1 County of Financial Responsibility COFR

C 3.1.1 Access System Standards

C 3.3.1 Person-Centered Planning

C 3.3.4 Self-Determination & Fiscal Intermediary Guideline

C Recovery Policy & Practice Advisory

C 4.4 Special Populations Metrics and Reporting Template

C 4.5.1 PASARR Agreement

C 4.7.2 Technical Requirement for SED Children

C CMHSP Local Dispute Resolution Process

C FSS Guidelines for Determining Eligibility of Applicants

C CEU Requirements for RR Staff

C RR Training Standards for CMH and Provider Staff TR

C Recipient Rights Appeal Process

C CMHSP Reporting Requirements

C QI Programs for CMHSPs

C TR for Behavior Treatment Plan Review Committees

C IST & NGRI Protocol

C State Facility Contract

C Housing Practice Guideline

C Inclusion Practice Guideline

C Consumerism Practice Guideline

C Jail Diversion Practice Guideline

C School to Community Transition Guideline

C CMHSP Trauma Policy

C Family-Driven and Youth-Guided Policy & Practice Guideline

C Employment Works! Policy

C 7.0.1 MDHHS Funding

C 7.0.2 Performance Objectives

C 7.6.1 CMH Compliance Examination Guidelines

C 7.6.2 Appeal Process for Compliance Examination Management

C MDHHS Audit Report and Appeal Process