Access and Crisis Services

The Access and Crisis Services department ensures appropriate access to behavioral health services and crisis management. Access and Crisis Services works in collaboration with other departments to ensure access to DWIHN’s full array of services as well as the Crisis Continuum Service System. 

The Access and Crisis Services staff consists of the following:
  • Director: Oversees and closely monitors the day-to-day functioning of the networks’ crisis and access system in accordance with DWIHN policies and all applicable state regulations

  • Hospital Liaison: Provides support to crisis intervention teams and emergency rooms in placing consumers who have waited 23 hours for inpatient settings, assist with moving consumers out of the ER to lower levels of care when appropriate.

  • Community Liaison: Provides support and assistance to first responders when addressing consumers with behavioral health concerns, work with Homeless Community Groups to assist with connecting consumers with mental health and housing needs, follow up with CMH providers for consumers addressing behavioral health crisis in the community.​


Access to services are for Wayne County residents who have an intellectual/developmental disability, mental illness, children with serious emotional disturbance, and/or individuals with substance use disorders.  Screening to determine how DWIHN can meet your needs can be done at a non-emergent or urgent level.
  • Non-Emergent Eligibility Screening: Completed via DWIHN’s Access Center which guides welcoming, triage, screening, linkage and referral processes for persons seeking access into the public behavioral health system.  The Access Center is also the general Information and Referral source for individuals living in Wayne County.   1-800-241-4949


The department manages the responsibilities for the initial authorizations for Inpatient psychiatric hospital stays and Crisis Residential Unit placement as well as authorizing Partial Hospitalization Services and transitions to other levels of care, i.e., pre-placement housing and outpatient services.  These responsibilities are managed through the following contracted providers:
  • Adult Crisis Screening: Facilitated via Hegira Health Inc’s Community Outreach for Psychiatric Services (COPE).  Services include
    • Mobile Crisis Intervention teams responsible for screening to determine appropriate level of care for individuals experiencing behavioral health crisis
    • Mobile stabilization Teams for post-disposition follow-up when the individual does not go to inpatient or Crisis Residential Units. COPE Request for services come from Emergency Departments, Specialized Residential and SIL Homes.
    • Crisis Stabilization Unit (CSU) providing individuals in severe distress with up to 23 consecutive hours of supervised care to help de-escalate the severity of the crisis and need for urgent care, and to avoid unnecessary hospitalizations.  Open 24 hours.  Located at 33505 Schoolcraft in Livonia.
  • Children’s’ Crisis Screening:
    • The Children’s Center operates the Children’s Crisis Care Center, 313-324-8557, M-F from 8:00am-8:00 pm
    • Mobile Crisis Services are provided by New Oakland Family Centers and The Guidance Center 24/7.  Emergency Departments contact the DWIHN Access Center (Wellplace) at 1-800-241-4949 to have teams dispatched.
    • New Oakland Family Centers – Children’s Mobile Crisis Stabilization
    • Safehaus, 586-806-4678, operates Children’s Intensive Crisis Residential Beds