Parent Involvement

Our Mission
The Family Alliance for Change provides a family/youth friendly atmosphere where family support, advocacy, referrals, resources and education are offered to all Wayne County Families.
Our Vision
Wayne County Families receive services locally that promote dignity, pride and respect; and that all services are responsive to the needs of the families. Families actively partner with all systems, at all levels to provide family voice and choice which will ultimately improve and impact how families receive service locally, statewide and nationally. 
Our Values
  • FAFC believes all families have value and are respected.
  • FAFC's reputation in the community as a respectful, non-threatening and safe environment for staff, families and youth grows.
  • FAFC is a dedicated and strong advocate providing a voice for youth and families.
  • FAFC remains open to all -- no one gets turned away.
  • FAFC is respectful of diverse cultures and responsive to each family's unique needs.
  • FAFC promotes peer-to-peer mentoring for families and youth.
Guiding Principles
  1. We work to create an environment where questions are valued and independence and change is essential.
  2. We empower families by working as partners and peers with families.
  3. We act with respect, honesty, and transparency to build true partnerships that will create change.
  4. We work to keep families involved in treatment by providing support and resources.
  5. We connect and unify parents so they know they are not alone.
  6. We serve as good faith mediators between systems and families.
  7. We break down stigma by being strong educators of children and youth about mental health and developmental disabilities.
  8. By bringing all types of people together we promote a spirit of collaboration at all levels: family and systems.
  9. We offer peer-to-peer mentoring and parent support services that are culturally competent and sensitive.
  10. We create change through our partnerships, advocacy, and promotion of system of care values.
Parent Support Partners (PSP)
A Parent Support Partner is a parent/caregiver of a child with emotional, behavioral or other mental health challenges. A PSP beings their own life experiences, skills and knowledge to support and empower other parents who are facing challenges and barriers. They are respectful and non-judgmental; a PSP values the decisions of parents to be their own best advocate and to make the decisions for their families. The Parent Support Partner is a member of the treatment team and is a critical part of the service planning and implementation.
A PSP always believes that parents should use their voice and should have all the resources to make informed choices and be able to act on them.
PSP Service Criteria
  1. Resident of Wayne County
  2. Medicaid Recipient
  3. Have a child diagnosed with SED (Serious Emotional Disturbance)
  4. Receive Community Mental Health Services/CMH services
About Us
Family Alliance for Change is a division of Development Centers. Family Alliance for Change is a parent-driven, peer-to-peer service with the objectives of supporting, educating and empowering parents with special needs children to meet their family's goals. Our services include Parent Support Partners and Parent Partners to provide individual supports that help families connect to community resources; System of Care Parent training for parents in Wayne County; support groups, father groups, and opportunities to meet with legislative representatives with regards to policy changes.
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