SUD Teens

What's Up with Substance Use?

Ever wonder what’s up with using stuff to feel different? Sometimes, using things like drugs or alcohol can mess with our heads and lives more than we think. That’s what we call a Substance Use Disorder (SUD). It's not just about the hard stuff; even everyday things like inhalants, steroids, and yeah, even too much coffee, can be a problem. It’s all about how we use them.

Our Programs and Treatments
Here at Detroit Wayne Integrated Health Network (DWIHN), we get that everyone’s story is unique. That's why we offer tons of ways to help you find your path to feeling better. No judgment, no one-size-fits-all. Just support, whether it's 2 AM or 2 PM. Just call us at 800-241-4949 – any day, any time.
Your Journey with Us
We’ve got over 60 places with all sorts of programs to help you out. Whether it's learning how to avoid the trouble before it starts, getting help if you're already there, or finding your way back, we've got your back. From text sessions to chill meditation, we’re all about what works for you.
We're Here for You
We believe in you and we’re all about making things easier, not harder. No matter what you're dealing with – stress, anxiety, or anything else – we see you, and we're here to help.
Need to Talk?
Feeling lost or just need someone to listen? Our 24-hour helpline is always here. Reach out at (800) 241-4949. You're not alone in this.
Prefer to Chat
More comfortable typing it out? We're here for that too. Feel free to use our text line, text feature at 313-488-HOPE. Whatever feels right for you, we’re here to listen and help. Remember, it’s okay to ask for help. Let’s figure this out together. You can also visit the Reach Us Detroit Website for information.