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Privacy Policy
The Detroit Wayne Integrated Health Network (“DWIHN”) respects your right to privacy and maintains a privacy policy that includes, but is not necessarily limited to, the following principles to protect your right to privacy when viewing pages on our Internet site:
  1. Personally identifiable information may only be obtained through lawful means.
  2. The purposes for which personably identifiable data are collected shall be specified at, or prior to, the time of collection and any subsequent use of the data shall be limited to, and consistent with, the fulfillment of those purposes previously specified.
  3. Personal data may not be disclosed, made available, or otherwise used for a purpose other than those specified, except with the consent of the subject of the data, or as required by law or regulation.
  4. Personal data collected shall be relevant to the purpose for which it is needed.
  5. The general means by which personal data is protected against loss, unauthorized access, use, modification, or disclosure shall be posted, unless the disclosure of those general means would compromise legitimate authority objectives or law enforcement purposes.

A cookie is a small file sent to your browser from a web server to be stored on your computer. A cookie cannot give access to your computer or any information stored on your computer. Cookies created on your computer by using this web site do not contain "personal information" and do not compromise your privacy or security. We use the cookie feature only to store a randomly generated identifying temporary tag on your computer. You can refuse the cookie or delete the cookie file from your computer by using any of the widely available methods. However, if you turn your cookie option off, you may not be able to access some of the features in our interactive applications.

Public Disclosure
In the State of Michigan, laws exist to ensure that government is open and that the public has a right to access appropriate records and information possessed by government agencies. At the same time, there are exceptions to the public's right to access public records. These exceptions serve various needs including maintaining the privacy of individuals.

All information collected at this site becomes public record that may be subject to inspection and copying by the public, unless an exemption in law exists. Michigan Codified Law 15.243 identifies exemptions to the public disclosure of information requested under Michigan’s Freedom of Information Act.

Information Collected and How It Is Used
We collect personal information directly from individuals who volunteer to use some of our services. Collection of this information is required to deliver the specific services, but use of these services is voluntary. DWIHN does not sell any "electronically collected personal information." Any distribution of "electronically collected personal information" will be solely for the purposes for which it was provided to us. However, DWIHN may provide or distribute certain lists and statistical reports of regulatory information as provided by law, but no personal information is sold or distributed and all relevant legal privacy protections still apply to DWIHN’s website.

If you do nothing during your visit to this website but only browse and download information, we automatically collect and store the following information about your visit:
  1. The Internet Protocol Address and domain name used, but not your e-mail address.
  2. The Internet Protocol Address is a numerical identifier assigned either by your Internet service provider or directly by your computer. We use the Internet Protocol Address to direct Internet traffic to you and generate statistics used in the management of this site;
  3. The type of browser and operating system you used;
  4. The date and time you visited the site; The web pages or services you accessed at the site.

The information we automatically collect or store is used to improve the content of our web services and to help us understand how people are using our services. This information does not identify you personally and is used for gathering website statistics. The  information we automatically collect and store in our logs about your visit helps us to analyze our website to continually improve the value of the materials available. Our website logs do not identify a visitor by personal information, and we make no attempt to link other websites with the individuals that browse DWIHN’s website. DWIHN will not be responsible for information you provide us that is subsequently displayed by Google, Yahoo, or any other search engine.

What Happens to Information You Submit to Us?
If you submit information to us through an on-line application or form, the information will be transmitted through secure lines to our central database. Any private and/or confidential information will only be used for the purposes for which it was provided and will not be shared with another person except as prescribed by law.

DWIHN limits employee access to customer information to those who have a business reason to know this information. Employees are required to abide by DWIHN policies and laws to protect confidentiality. Employees are subject to disciplinary action if they fail to do so. DWIHN requires independent contractors and outside companies to adhere to privacy standards and laws as well.

DWIHN uses technological means (such as backup files, virus detection and eradication software, firewalls, and other computer software and hardware) to protect against unauthorized access or alterations to user data.

If you wish to unsubscribe from DWIHN newsletters or change your subscription preferences, follow the instructions at the bottom any email you receive. If you believe you have received an email from DWIHN in error, please contact the Web Editor or use the Feedback Form to report an issue.

If You Send Us E-mail
You may choose to provide us with personal information, as in e-mail with a comment or question. We use the information to improve our service to you or to respond to your request. Sometimes we forward your e-mail to other DWIHN employees who may be better able to help you. Except for authorized law enforcement investigations or, as required by law, we do not share our e-mail with any other organizations.

Text Alert Messages
You may unsubscribe from Text Messages by texting STOP in reply to any Text message you receive from us.

Please note: Your name and cell phone number may be required to be disclosed in response to a public records request pursuant to Michigan law.

Feedback Information
Any information provided to DWIHN through its website and received by DWIHN on a non-confidential basis allows free and unrestricted use of the information by DWIHN.

Changes to this Privacy Policy
DWIHN reserves the right to change this Privacy Policy at any time to reflect changes in the law, our data collection and use practices, the features of our services, or advances in technology.

Please check this page periodically for changes.

Your continued use of this website will be considered acceptance of this policy.