Angelo Glenn

Angelo Glenn

Angelo Glenn,

As the newly appointed Chairperson to the Detroit Wayne Integrated Health Network’s (DWIHN) Board of Directors, he has served the citizens of Detroit and Wayne County since being appointed to Board of Directors by the Wayne County Commission on July 11, 2013.

As Board Chair, Glenn will oversee the organization’s mission and vision to ensure the highest quality of behavioral health services and supports, care and treatment are accessible to the 75,000 people served by DWIHN in Wayne County. DWIHN is the largest community mental health agency in the State of Michigan serving people with severe mental illness, substance use disorder, intellectual and developmental disabilities and children with serious emotional disturbance. Mr. Glenn has also served as Chair of the DWIHN Substance Use Oversight Policy Board where he was responsible for policy, governance and oversight. He has served on DWIHNs Office of Recipient Rights Committee, Finance Committee, Vice-Chair of Policy and Bylaws Committee and the Nominating Committee. He still serves on the Mariner’s Inn Advisory Board.

He believes his own story of drug addiction and recovery can be an inspiration for others. Mr. Glenn worked for Mariner’s Inn, a drug treatment facility for 15 years. While he was the Substance Abuse Prevention Director, he helped young men with mental illness, substance use disorder, and those at risk for homelessness, find the resources and recovery tools necessary to get back on their feet. He was also responsible for designing and implementing community-based Alcohol, Tobacco and other drug prevention programming throughout the City of Detroit.

He has served as the Michigan Department of Community Health Integrated Testing Project Manager for Mariners Inn from 2012 through 2014. In 2015, Mr. Glenn was appointed to the National Black Leadership Commission on AIDS (NBLCA) and serves as Chair of NBLCA Detroit.

Seven years ago, Mr. Glenn started his own Facilities Management Company where he employees persons in recovery. He is committed to working with these individuals to ensure they are engaged in services, and emphasizes that recovery comes first.

Glenn graduated Cum Laude from Wayne County Community College June 2015 with an Associates of Arts Degree and a Certificate in Addiction Studies.

“I have found my time as a Board Member on both boards fulfilling as I have been able to utilize my own personal experiences and make differences that truly impact the lives of persons served in my community every day. I can truly empathize with the people we serve, and appreciate being in a position to create and influence policy that directly effects our behavioral health system.”